Jerry Kane. breakbeat producer | sound designer

Jerry Kane, Ulysse Rosselet from his real name, also known as Svadalicious, has been driven by musical creation for more than ten years. He likes to describe his style as "breakbeat at any tempo with one common denominator: the funk" and produces funk, breakbeat, drum n bass, hip-hop and house. His remix of the song "Bonx It Pon Me" from the Ganglords was picked up by the remix contest jury in 2005 to be released on the eponym compilation. Electric bass player and proficient digital musician drawing from influences such as Larry Graham, Goldie, Nine Inch Nails, Prince and Tupac Shakur, he likes to collaborate with artists from different genres and is part of several bands.

design: U.Rosselet | photograph: J.Rosselet | code: B.Fritscher